Marrelli Trust Company Limited (“MTCL”) is a full-service transfer agent and corporate trustee for cost-conscious small-cap issuers and private companies; committed to providing fast, professional customer service.. Unlike large impersonal banks and transfer agencies, we are available to you whenever needed. MTCL is regulated by the British Columbia Financial Services Authority as a Trust Company under the Financial Institutions Act (BC) and by CDS Clearing and Depository Services.

Our office is located in Vancouver and we offer Registrar & Transfer Services through our co-agent (Marrelli Transfer Services Corp.) in Toronto. MTCL’s Corporate Trust Services include; Collateral Trustee & Subscription Receipt Agent, Escrow, Voting Trust, and Warrant & Right services. The Registrar & Transfer Services include CUSIP & ISIN, Shareholder Communication, Report, and Stock Transfer Services. 

Marrelli Trust Company Limited is a non-deposit-taking trust company authorized under the laws of the Province of British Columbia. No trust services are performed outside of British Columbia.

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