The Marrelli Group of Companies provides reporting issuers and private clients the following offerings –MSSI Financial Accounting;  MSSI Outsourced Chief Financial Officer ServicesDSA Corporate Services; DSA Filing Services;  MSSI Escrow Services and Office Leasing. Clients can choose one or all of the service(s), but engaging more services together offers our clients the most synergies and cost savings. Our individual services are readily available to clients. Engaging multiple services together offers synergies and cost savings through bundled pricing. Contact us about bundled pricing.

Also, under our guidance we can refer companies to other cost-effective service providers for functions The Marrelli Group of Companies does not offer.

MSSI Financial Accounting and Reporting Services

MSSI offers outsourced financial accounting and reporting designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized reporting issuers. This includes payroll administration utilizing Ceridian’s “Powerpay” application and annual payroll tax reporting to the Canada Revenue Agency. MSSI also specializes in the preparation of quarterly, half-year, and annual financial statements – including comprehensive note disclosure, administration of Canadian Flow-Through Share programs, and special compliance assistance on transactions such as business combinations, acquisitions or strategic re-organizations.

MSSI Outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

MSSI offers the outsourcing of a Chief Financial Officer by supplying a professionally qualified senior team member at MSSI to reporting issuers or private companies.

DSA Corporate Services

DSA Corporate Services offers outsourced corporate secretarial services tailored to the needs of small to mid-sized reporting issuers. These services range from providing recording secretaries for Board of Directors & Committee meetings to the appointment of one of our senior team members as a full, outsourced Corporate Secretary. DSA Corporate Services also specializes in continuous disclosure regulatory reporting, stock exchange compliance, stock option and warrant administration, annual meeting organization, minute book custody, corporate governance advice, news release dissemination through a range of domestic and global networks, and other specialty services.

DSA Filing Services

DSA also offers continuous disclosure filing on SEDAR (Canada), EDGAR (US), RIS (UK) and SEDI (Canadian Insider Reporting), and can prepare a customized annual Disclosure Filing Calendar.

Marrelli Escrow Services

In conjunction with DSA Corporate Services, Marrelli Escrow Services provides a comprehensive escrow offering that can be tailored to meet the needs of each client’s escrow requirements. We work closely with you to provide the best escrow solution for your exclusive transaction.

The Canadian Venture Building

A completely outfitted office space that is the perfect rental solution for daily, weekly, monthly or annual occupancy. The building is a great choice for both professionals and entrepreneurs looking for outsourced office space, for an economical price.


Marrelli Trust Company Limited (“MTCL”) is committed to fast, reliable service with flexibility and cost-effective pricing. Unlike large impersonal banks and transfer agencies, we are available to you whenever needed. MTCL is regulated by the British Columbia Financial Services Authority as a Trust Company under the Financial Institutions Act (BC) and by CDS Clearing and Depository Services. Our office is located in Vancouver and we offer Registrar & Transfer Services through our co-agent (Marrelli Transfer Services Corp.) in Toronto. MTCL’s Corporate Trust Services include; Collateral Trustee & Subscription Receipt Agent, Escrow, Voting Trust, and Warrant & Right services. The Registrar & Trust Services include, CUSIP & ISIN, Shareholder Communication, Report and Stock Tranfer Services. Marrelli Trust Company Limited is a non-deposit taking trust company authorized under the laws of the Province of British Columbia. No trust services are performed outside of British Columbia.