DSA Corporate Services

DSA Corporate Services offers outsourced corporate secretarial services tailored to the needs of small to midsized reporting issuers. These services range from providing recording secretaries for Board of Directors & Committee meetings to the appointment of one of our senior team members as the outsourced Corporate Secretary of the company. DSA Corporate Services also specializes in continuous disclosure regulatory reporting, stock exchange compliance, stock option and warrant administration, annual meeting organization, minute book custody, corporate governance advice, news release dissemination through a range of domestic and global networks, and other specialty services.

DSA Corporate Services offers:

Corporate Secretarial

DSA Corporate Services provides the following services to public or private corporations:

Recording Secretary
  • Creation board of directors and committee meeting notices and agendas
  • Circulation meeting materials to corporate directors and committee members
  • Attendance of Board of Directors & Committee meetings for the preparation of minutes
Corporate Secretary
  • Appointment of a DSA senior team member as Corporate Secretary of an issuer, performing an expanded Recording Secretary role. Each opportunity is carefully matched with the skills and experience of one of our DSA Corporate Services team members

Continuous Disclosure & Regulatory Filings

Together with DSA Filing Services, DSA Corporate Services helps issuers:

  • Monitor regulatory filing deadlines based on the issuer’s year-end and stock exchange regulations. DSA Corporate Services also offers a customized annual Disclosure Filing Calendar;
  • Prepare applicable Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) annual and interim certifications;
  • Prepare basic Material Change Reports; and
  • Complete annual, interim and other filings via SEDAR, EDGAR, UK RIS and SEDI.
DSA Filing Services offers:
  • Completion of annual, interim and other filings via SEDAR, EDGAR, or UK RIS;
  • Insider regulatory filings for SEDI – Canadian Insider Reporting; and
  • News Release Dissemination.
  • Visit DSA Filing Services to view our complete list of filing capabilities

DSA Corporate Services also helps issuers with:

Stock Option and Warrant Administration

  • Maintain stock option and warrant registers;
  • Prepare treasury directions for the exercise of options/warrants;
  • Submit executed treasury direction to issuer’s transfer agent;
  • Create stock option agreements for optionees;

Stock Exchange Compliance

  • Comply with Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX); TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V); Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE); and US and UK stock exchange policies;
  • Submit filings under National Instrument 71-102 of the Canadian Securities Administrators for foreign designated issuers;
  • Create and submit monthly TSX SecureFile reports, TSX-V Exchange forms such as Form 4G (Grant of Stock Options) and Form 3C (Hiring of an Investor Relations Consultant), and CSE forms;

Annual & Special Shareholder Meetings

  • Liaise with client’s legal counsel and transfer agent to set meeting and record dates for annual and/or special shareholder meetings;
  • Comply with corporate securities law relating to registered and beneficial shareholders;
  • Review of documents to be sent to shareholders;
  • Arrange for the printing and mailing of shareholder materials;
  • Book of meeting venue as well as making catering arrangements;
  • Review of proxy tabulation data prior to the meeting;
  • Draft of Chairman’s script for the meeting;
  • Attend the meeting to prepare and record minutes;

Whistleblower Integrity Hotline Service

  • Implement a cost effective, easy to set-up whistleblower hotline service, allowing confidential and anonymous reporting of infractions to the Audit Committee Chair;

Minute Book Custody

  • Maintain minute books by ensuring all constating documents and executed copies of minutes/resolutions are inserted into our client’s minute books;
  • Offer facilities for auditors to review minute books for audit;
  • Create scanned electronic versions of meeting minutes and resolutions for ease of reference and for due diligence purposes;

Board Governance 

  • Board Governance Review –review of a current board of directors and committee structure for clients
  • Director/Board Evaluations – provide the confidential administration and tabulation of director and committee member evaluations and feedback
  • Create Director meeting attendance charts required for Management Information Circulars
  • Turn-key set of board of directors and committee mandates (e.g. audit, compensation, nominating), policies and work plans for use by directors and management to assist in the creation of a tailored governance structure

Other Services

Financial Printing
  • Organize the printing of financial documents such as Annual Financials and MD&A, Annual Meeting Materials, Interims, etc.
Registered Office/Address
  • Provide clients with a Toronto-based registered office;
  • Offer mail collection and forwarding, telephone answering for global companies;
  • Meeting rooms with internet wi-fi access; and
Specialty Services
  • Specialty escrow services are available

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